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Original Storytelling
  • Dramatic stories to capture the imagination of your players

  • Developed characters to continue engaging players and give them something to talk about in the playground, with their friends or in the office


A Collaborative Narrative Design Process
  • I've created the Forest Paths Method for Narrative Design to make sure all the right questions are being asked to deliver the best game for your audience

  • A diagram-based approach that is accessible to the whole team

  • Simple enough for me to set up and for your team to continue using until the end of development

  • Relies on proven dramatic theory to deliver a bespoke narrative built on the design pillars of your game


Narrative Quick Shots
  • Kickstart consultancy to get your narrative design right from the start

  • Rapid testing of narrative concepts

  • Reading reports to identify high level opportunities

  • Structural analysis of story and design fit

  • Gap analysis - testing against creative pillars, audiences and marketing goals

  • Text and dialogue editing for accuracy, conciseness and consistency

Studio Support
  • Establishing pipelines to maintain narrative integrity

  • Teaching tools and processes

  • Consultancy by education - using specific problems to introduce systemic change in development processes

Dialogue Specialisation
  • Distinctive voices

  • Naturalised style

  • Voice recording direction to get the most out of your actor’s performance


Current Work

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Totem Teller

Narrative design for this gorgeous exploration of folk lore and storytelling. 

More here.

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Anytown Garage Sale Monsters

Writing for this coming-of-age drama about a teenager moving to a new town on the journey to becoming an adult. 

More here. 

Previous Work

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Narrative design consulting on an unannounced title from the studio that brought you the award-winning "Florence".

Narrative designer on the upcoming AAA title based on James Cameron's Avatar. 

All Walls Must Fall by Inbetween Games. Bringing the world to life through story, dialogue and mission design. 

Nominated "Best In Narrative"

Brazilian Independant Games Festival 2018

Find it on Steam:

Previously freelance writer for Stratosphere's latest mobile venture - a strategy MOBA set in a near future of corporate feudalism. 

With the player waging war via their choice of Generals it has been my job to bring them and the world to life in an engaging way. 

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Writer for Bearhands ambitious 3D stealth game Grand Values: Monaco. The role developed over time to include design elements and voice casting and recording. 

One of the IGN Top Games of Gamescom in 2016. 

Forest paths method for narrative design

I've created a narrative design method based on the principles of drama to a create plain language system for development.

More here.


Talks and workshops

The Forest Paths Method For Narrative Design


How the Method works and the theory that drives its success.



GDC 2020

GCAP 2019

NZGDC 2019

NZGDC 2018

Plot Twist Workshop 2018

Plot Twist Workshop 2019

A Consent Model for Player Care


How a model for consent can be applied for better acquisition, retention as well as a long term relationship between games and their players. 


Freeplay 2018

NZGDC 2018


About Me

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A writer and narrative designer with a background in audience development and arts management. He’s worked for indies in Berlin, AAA in Sweden, and is now based in Australia helping forward-thinking developers forge strong relationships with their audiences through stories, narrative systems and player care.


With assistance from Creative Victoria’s Creator’s Fund, he’s also developed the Forest Paths Method of Narrative Design helping developers to discover the power of their own stories built on the design pillars of their projects away from Western conventions and with an understanding of player motivation beyond demographics and traditional models. 


Master of Arts - RMIT

Bachelor of Business - QUT

Bachelor of Screen Production - Griffith University

Advanced Diploma of Screen Development - Open Channel



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