Narrative design is not glamorous. Well, it can be, but often it’s about spreadsheets and flowcharts. It’s about organising your ideas and managing the process so your narrative lands squarely on your design pillars from the beginning, and after 50 iterations over years of development.


The Forest Paths Method of Narrative Design won’t tell you whether your ideas are good or bad, but you don’t really need that. You need a practical process built on solid dramatic theory that helps you ask yourself and your team all the right questions to create the game that you want to make for the audience you’re making it for.


This Method will take you through that process and show you how to organise a cohesive narrative design in a way your whole team can understand and away from traditional Western norms and conventions that can often break stories from diverse writers, or be broken when applied to games.

With it you can...

  • Quickly test new game ideas

  • Develop a whole narrative design before any production

  • Track changes throughout production

  • Collaborate and communicate narrative design to your team

  • Understand the impact of decisions before you make them

  • Analyse your own and other titles to understand their strengths and weaknesses

  • Match your narrative design with other considerations like marketing, streamers, accessibility and cultural sensitivities

  • Use genre narrative design patterns to kickstart the narrative design process of certain types of games

  • Communicate your narrative design intentions to other stakeholders

Perfect for students and those just starting out, wanting to transfer over from another medium like film and tv, or experienced practitioners interested in improving their methods. Simple, but deep, so you can read it in an afternoon and start using it straight away.


The book is available as an electronic reproduction in all Amazon regions, and print-on-demand book in some. 


Creative Victoria has supported the research for this project. The project has been proudly developed at The Arcade, Melbourne.

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