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Using The Fundamentals of Drama for Narrative Design

Sold Out

This session is now sold out. Feel free to contact me if you have an interest in future sessions or would like to see this workshop presented in your area. 


Using the fundamentals of drama to create strong, cohesive narratives on the design pillars of any project by learning:

  • How to create, test, analyse and manage the dramatic relationships of narrative design elements

  • How to safely jettison storytelling conventions to create bespoke narrative structures that support gameplay

  • How to guarantee the choices you give to players promote agency and meaning

  • How to clarify your own intentions, and then include your extended team in the process (including outsourced talent, marketing, etc)

  • How to understand the impact your decisions (or issues beyond your control) make on the narrative design, and the connection to your intended audience


This will mean greater freedom in the creative development of any project to leverage your own strengths, those of your team and project. 


28 November 2018


0900 - 1200 Part 1
1200 - 1300 Break
1300 - 1600 Part 2 and Practice

To keep costs accessible no meal will be provided, but there will be some snacks and coffee is available to purchase and make yourself in The Arcade kitchen.


The Arcade (more information)
164 Kings Way, South Melbourne


Parking is not available onsite, and availability is limited in the surrounding area. Taking public transport is strongly encouraged.



The event space, kitchen and bathrooms are accessible by wheelchair. If you have any specific questions, please reach out to The Arcade.

Public Transport
Trams 1, 12 and 58 have stops a somewhat accessible distance to The Arcade. Be aware the 1 and 58 have major roads to negotiate, while the journey from the 12 may still have major roadworks. 

Plan your journey. 


Group: $350 for group of 3
Full: $150
Solo: $100 for solo developers
Access: $75 for those who identify as a minority in the industry


If cost is a problem, or you have a different type of group, then please get in touch. 

No refunds will be given after 21/11/18.

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